Sunday, January 15, 2012

blue silk dress

This is the dress I made. It´s made of silk (synthetic, maybe...?) and working with it was awful! But the color is so nice that I made my best to finish it :). I´m so big now, I feel quite strange in my own body. And it will only get worse... I can´t imagine how will I look like in april :D. You probably won´t be able to see me behind my belly then. Other than this, I feel ok. The big belly is getting in my way for sure, and there are only few clothes I can wear now. Today I tried to trace a pattern to make my pants, and because I do this on the floor, I almost wasn´t able to bend down my round body. Oh well, I look like a fat little bear now :). 27weeks pregnant.


  1. You look beautiful! The color is stunning.

  2. You look smashing Jana! And I agree, the design of the dress and the color are superb!