Saturday, March 19, 2011

Camilla Engman

Oh man, I saw Camilla Engman´s new paintings today... Perfect. I feel so inspired! I love her style. And I´m finishing a painting too! In a few days I´ll show it to you :).


  1. I am curious to see a new painting by you! :) I just stopped by to tell you how happy I am to finally know, that there seem to be many Columbo fans out here! :D By the way, did you get your childhood photos? I would love to see them!

  2. Thank you, nette! I hope to finish it tonight... It takes a while, because I can paint only in the evenings.
    I didn´t get my photos yet... Next time we visit my parents, I´ll try to remember to borrow them and scan them :).

  3. And here I find it fitting to note that I've bought a postcard with your painting. :-) At this moment, it serves as a bookmark. My mom said the people on it look like my characters - which would explain why I like it so much. :-)

  4. Oh, thanks Hana for buying that! I´m glad you like it :).