Tuesday, March 22, 2011

in the garden...

The first painting of 2011 is finished... It´s already the end of march, what a shame! I´m going to attempt to make a series of paintings with this "Adam and Eve" theme, but let´s see how that goes. Maybe some burda style fans will guess my inspiration for the guy? :)


  1. I like your first painting for 2011! :) Adam and Eve is surely a great theme!...but it seems like I missed the inspiration for the guy on burdastyle! Anyway, good luck with the following paintings! :)

  2. I´m glad you like it! :) The story behind the burdastyle is, that one man made this jacket that closed with zipper over his head... I loved it, it looked hilarous. And I thought it would be great for Adam, as he wanted to cover (dress) himself in order not to be naked anymore... ok, I´m a bad theologian, but something like that :). And my "forbidden fruit" is aubergine :). I had fun painting this. I wanted to paint the guy naked from the waist down, but as he was inspired by a real guy, I didn´t dare to :). Maybe next time...

  3. Hahaa, it's Urbandon! Love his style, too.