Wednesday, March 30, 2011

time flies...

I´ve been inspired by Nette to write a post about my childhood photos. I was afraid it won´t be very easy for me to do this, as my photos are at my parents´house and in my brother´s flat (the flat where we lived as a family and where I´ve grown up). Also, I´m not very familiar with scanner and I would probably have to make my husband scan these photos for me (also, it´s in his office and connected to his computer). So I thought, it´s going to be months before I have something to show you. But! Then I remembered I have few photos that I snatched at the flat while we all still lived there. I know it´s not very nice of me... but there were so many of these black and white photos there, that hardly anyone can notice. There were two big drawers full of these little photos that my father made himself on his enlarger in dark room long time ago. My parents made a small attempt to actually organize them, but didn´t finish doing that and many of the photos remained in those drawers.
I feel really nostalgic and kind of sad to look at these photos. The time passes by so quicky! I remember pretty well a lot from my childhood and now I have a small daughter too! That´s pretty incredible to me... To see how much we all changed and what happend during those years is making me teary eyed a bit.
This is my grandma Z, photographed some time around 1959 (I think she was about 20). I love this photo. Grandma Z is very lively, talks a lot, and from what I remember, she was always pretty big. She is just a pretty huge and loud woman :).
This is her too, at work, later in life. On the back of the photo there is written: "for Christmass, 1983". So maybe this photo was a present from a co-worker...? Anyway, 1983 was the year when I was born :).
My father! Cute, right? That was before I was born, and I believe he sent this photo to my mother when he was at the military service.
Another two photos of my father. The second one is from 1981, he was 21. He looked so much like my brother looks now!
My mother, before we were born I think (but I´m not sure). Unfortunatelly, she used to cut her hair quite short most of the time when she was older. I don´t remember her with hair like this, but my father loved her long hair and always complained she doesen´t wear it long and loose :).
My mother with me and my baby brother, who is one and a half year younger than me.
A trip with my other grandma, J. I think I was 4 and my brother about 3.
My brother and father.
This is me (in the middle) with some friends.
Little Janul again, with my parents´friend.
Me and my brother (in the middle) at my aunt´s wedding.
My grandma Z, grandpa, my mother, brother and me at some fair (or what´s the right word for these places with carousels, swings etc., help me :).
That´s all for now! I have ton of my baby pictures and another better quality ones, but they are far away at my parents´:).


  1. Oh this was so interesting Janul! Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and memories. I like these black and white photos and it is really special that your father developed them himself. I can feel with you being nostalgic when looking at old photos. It is definitely bittersweet. So many things have happened since and some turned out as one has imagined, while others did not.

  2. Thanks for your comment, Nette! It´s so thrue. I feel nostalgic when looking at photos taken five years ago, and so much more with these... :) I wish I had more old photos on hand, because I really love to look at the hairstyles, clothes and homes from old times... I hope it´s a bit interesting to people who don´t know me and my family (but I enjoy looking at others´old photos too :).

  3. It kind of reminds me of my own family... my father also developed photos himself, and my mom also cut her hair short and I've never seen her with her hair long and down, except at photos. :-)
    I should do this, too, I think.

  4. You definitely should! The fashionable hairstyles back then were pretty horrible :). I always hated when my mother came from the hairdresser´s, I loved her long hair too :).

  5. Fun to see your old photos! There is something special about having a tangible photo, not just on a computer screen.

  6. @lizajane: you´re right! Also, old photos are often made really well, and look much better than the new digital ones... (not the case of the photos I show here, though :). I´ll try to get some more from my grandparents...

  7. I really liked the photos above. Your grandmother is very beautiful!. I know, you are of course very proud of them.

  8. Hi yunims! Actually, I have quite a complicated relationship with my grandmother... she´s very "dominant" and has strong opinion on everything. We often argued when I was younger and it was horrible. But I´m fascinated with history and with changes people go through when getting older.