Sunday, February 27, 2011

Crepe crazy

So, the Colette Crepe dresses are just everywhere now. I love dresses, I love wrap dresses, and I love this dress too. But, I didn´t pay too much attention to this particular pattern, until I saw Laurwyn´s version! I´m so amazed by her variation, and the way she looks in her Crepe dress! I really really want to make myself one of these. The truth is, the pattern itself is pretty expensive for me (and it gets worse with the shipping price). So, I thought that I would try to make a similar dress with different pattern - probably the same one as I made the Josephine dress with, as the bodice is quite similar to the Crepe bodice (I think). I´m certainly not very good at sewing, but I hope I could accomplish this. I´m going to look at Gertie´s sew along for some tips and help. I don´t really know how to make the skirt yet - it seems like an A - line with a seam in the middle...? The top of the skirt is probably curved then... Hmm, to make things worse I plan to make this dress out of my husband´s old caftan-y shirt; very long and big (funny story will follow! stay tuned :).
If you have some ideas or knowledge that could help me, please share! I´m grateful for any kind of information :).


  1. Good luck! I love this dress, too, and have the same price reasong around it as you do... plus I'm not so happy about the cap sleeves, I like my sleeves proper... So I'm looking forward to seeing what you make of it!
    I guess if you're going to make your sort of own pattern, you'll be better off if you make a muslin first, to see how it works and to make any necessary changes before you cut into your limited amount of fabric.
    Also, I notice the Burda pattern has only waist darts in the bodice, while the Crepe has both waist and bust darts. I suppose this must affect the fit... From what I've seen of the two dresses, Crepe is much more fitted than the Burda dress.

    Completely unrelated, but I need to share and you seem like the right person to share with:
    An old article I found thanks to school. What happens if a world-famous classical musician plays as a street musician during rush hour.

  2. Oh, no, sorry, I take the fit issues back, I forgot you made the Josephine dress looser in the bodice.

  3. Thanks, yeah, I made it more loose, but it doesen´t have those extra darts... I hope it will work anyway. I´m more concerned about the skirt... I doubt I will make a muslin, though... I already tested the bodice with the "original" darts (I altered them afterwards), and the fit was ok (minus the huge decollete). Maybe I´ll make some kind of muslin for the skirt...

  4. This is probably too late, but I found this free mail order pattern made to your own measurements that could also be altered into the Crepe shape... I think I'll do it one day.
    (I was actually thinking of turning it into some sort of cover up apron... for when I work with the cherries. :P And when I was trying to imagine it as an apron with ties, I got reminded of Crepe and striken by the similarities.)