Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Josephine dress

I made this dress recently, it was such a quick project. I wanted to make a sweet pinkish flowery dress for a while, so this is the result (I love pink lately). I bought the fabric mainly because of the name :). A collection of fabric called Josephine? I had to have one of those. I loved this pattern in recent Burda (101/2/2011), but I´m a bit dissapointed by it. But maybe it´s because of the fabric choice... I´m afraid the fabric is not quite right for the dress, but I´m not sure. The biggest issue is, that it´s quite roomy around the neckline and kind of "stands out". I didn´t follow the instructions and simply made facings everywhere, so maybe it´s my fault? Anyway, I think by all means the neckline is very low... and wide. I´m probably going to wear some kind of nice camisole under the dress, otherwise I feel odd. I´m not used to this kind of dress: the neckline and waistline are low; the other dressed I made had neckline higher and different waistline (more like an empire waist). But, I would probably like it on someone else, so maybe I´ll get used to it. The sleeves are too short for my taste, too. If I make this pattern again, I´m going to make them bigger.
I altered the dress so that it is a bit looser in the bodice, because I didn´t want to add the zipper. I like that I can simply put it on over my head and actually like the looser shape better (I think!). This is my first spring dress. It´s snowing outside and really cold, so into the wardrobe it goes. I´m looking forward to wear it with my brown military sweater for nice contrast.


  1. I liked that dress when I saw it in February issue. I wouldn't have expected the neckline to be so low either. Pretty fabric- it will look great with a brown sweater.

  2. I think it´s because the models are higher (and maybe have wider shoulders?)... I should maybe know I´m smaller and adjust it. I´m definitely making this design again, maybe a bit differently :).

  3. I like it - even in the fabric, although, of course, I haven't seen it in reality. But I agree about the neckline and sleeves - I'd feel really odd wearing that, too!