Saturday, February 12, 2011

project living room

As you know, I was very unhappy with our bookcase. I started to hate the dark colour and planned to paint it, but... then I got another idea! I simply turned the painted side so that it faces the wall, ha! :) Now only the bare wood is visible, and it looks much better. I emptied the whole bookcase (so many books! exhausting!), vacuumed every single book, cleaned the bookcase, took some of the LP records to the attic (we don´t have record player anyway) and put the books back.
I love our yellow lamp - I found the shade in my grandmother´s garage. She never got a stand for it, therefore she never used it (for 20 years!) and gave it to me. I bought the lamp stand in Ikea and this lamp is what I love most in our place (I mean, in the furniture and decorating area ;).
night view


  1. It looks good. The lamp has such a happy colour, and matches the playful mat.
    Good idea about the bookcase, too! I'm sure those books deserved the attention and vacuuming for once.

  2. That little rug is quite horrible in my opinion, but it´s practical with the child, so it´s staying :)