Wednesday, June 27, 2012

knit cap

I made a knit cap for Marie... maybe my fastest sewing project ever :). I like it and would like to make more, for Anna too. An overlocker would be sooooo great to have for things like this! But, it´s so expensive and I´m not sure I would learn how to use it. But the idea of buying one is definitely growing in my head despite the price.
Also, I´ve seen this dress on Pinterest today. I love it so much! Such a romantic dress, so beautiful I can´t stand it :D.


  1. Cute bonnet on a very cute little girl. You are gifted.
    As far as sergers go, I found that some times the tools does not make the crafter. Ok, a good machine can make your life easier but it happens that the seamstresses whose work I admire the most are also the ones using the more simple and old machines ever.
    Have you tried the twin needle to get an overlocked kind of stitch from your machine?
    I always enjoy your posts even if I'm not commenting, and I love your paintings too!
    Keep up the good work !

    1. Thanks a lot for you kind comment! I should really try the double needle, so far I just used the zig zag stitch for knits...
      I´m glad you like and read my blog :).

  2. The simplest things are sometimes the best, especially when executed in pretty fabric.

    Which is not the case of that dress, admittedly... but the shape IS quite simple and it's all in the execution. Looks very 1920s to me.