Wednesday, December 7, 2011

waiting for christmas

I´ve been a little desperate lately, because as every winter, Marie is ill over a month and can´t get better. She always gets cold, which isn´t horrible, but the cough is bad and lasts for so long... maybe all winter. That means little sleep, no outside walks, no other activities than being home. Me and Petr are also ill, not feeling well and exhausted by all that. I know Marie´s cough is so bad because of her pharyngeal tonsils being too big, but a friend told me recently that they might devolop like that because I haven´t (couldn´t) breastfeed her. I´m quite shocked and sad by this - I have to ask a doctor if that´s thrue.
Anyway, I´ve made a christmas candle holder and I´m surprised that it works :). It´s made from fimo, so nothing very natural, but that´s just what I had at home. The little white ornamenst are made from salt dough. I took a picture of the candle holder with our medicaments, because I thought it shows our situation well.
And the salt dough! It was my first time making and working with salt dough, and it´s a great thing, lovely to make ornaments and small objects with and generally pleasing activity for small children. It´s quite fragile, so some of the ornaments broke, but most are ok. We painted some of them with watercolors today and it looks nice. My favourite is the coat (I can´t sew one, so instead I made one from dough...). To make this, you simply mix 2 cups of flour, 1 cup salt, 1 cup water, make whatever you want, and let the objects air dry. You can also keep the dough in a plastic bag to use it later.


  1. Hope you guys feel better. being sick is such a drag.

  2. I, too, hope you'll be better soon - it wouldn't be nice to be ill at Christmas.

    I presume it's all the salt that preserves the dough?

  3. thanks for your comments! it only got much worse after I wrote my post... but I hope it will only get better from now on.

  4. and yes, Hana, it´s the salt that makes the dough durable. there´s really a lot of salt :)