Wednesday, February 22, 2012

blue foxes everywhere

So, as you may know, I´ve been a bit obsessed by the vision of blue fox since summer last year. It´s because I had a dream then: in that dream I saw two blue foxes looking at me... outside, in a white landscape. (A bit later I found out I became pregnant some day around that time..) It was such a strong experience, I couldn´t stop thinking about that dream. I promised to paint it and I did. But that was not enough, blue foxes stayed in my brain and I was thinking about other ways to bring them to life. So I made small fox ornaments on Christmas, and for a long time planned to make a bigger, toy fox. It took a lot of planning, drawing and one unsuccesful pattern test fox. But now it´s finished. This is the first one, I´m certainly making more and I´m so proud :). This one is made from dark blue corduroy I found in my stash and the removable skirt is from organza.


  1. So it's your own pattern? Congratulations!
    And I like those in the painting.

    1. P.S. They really look like some sort of characters... out of a book, or something.

    2. thanks! it´s not that hard to make a pattern for a toy... the head was the biggest problem :).