Thursday, March 28, 2013

baby pants for Anna

I made pants for Andulka today. They were very fast to make, and also something I had in my mind for a long time. I love stripes! I was inspired by baby pants I saw online by the luxurious brand Manymonths (they make nice and pricey clothes for children from bio cotton). The cut with the inset fits well over a cloth diaper. They are still a bit long, but that´s ok. I also made a felt crown for Marie, pictures later.
I hope the spring will come soon to us. Marie´s very ill and I know only warm weather will cure her... Sometimes I wish we moved somewhere warm and near the sea or something... so that we didn´t have to deal with these winter diseases.


  1. Very cute pants! I love babies in stripes. Did you use a pattern?

  2. I didn´t have a pattern, I just figured it out... I´m surprised it worked :)

  3. Oh yes, the winter sicknesses. We're so tired of it! And it really feels like the winter is never ending this year.
    I start to feel it's the end of the world winter.
    I hope she will be good soon!!

  4. Those pants are lovely! I'm always in awe when people can just make clothes without patterns!
    And we are all still coughing here too... It's always so sad to see those little ones struggle with severe colds!

  5. Thanks for your comment! Marie´s ok now, but Anna´s the one who´s ill... they just take turns, it´s horrible.