Saturday, July 27, 2013

straw ornaments

How awesome are these straw "himmeli" ornaments? I found these above via Hydrangea girl, but at first I saw a great picture in a magazine showing a huge object made from colourful straws. I´ll show that one later, I can´t make myself take a photo of the magazine page. Inspired by that, I made my own version - I´m sorry to say mine didn´t turn out as splendid as I imagined :). Anyway, it´s a start! I´ll try again for sure...
Next time I´ll definitely use bigger straws without the bending part, and I´ll try out a different joining method. I used thin wire with the first one, but it didn´t really work out. I want to hang it somewhere near the ceiling in the kids room, and I´m inspired to make or hang some more "flying" objects in there.


  1. v IKEA maj cernobila brcka za par korun!

    1. no skvělý! snad je budou mít, až tam zase pojedem...