Wednesday, July 10, 2013

working on the kids´room

I´m trying to make the girls´room in the attic a beautiful, girly, romantic place. I love the new carpet, it looks perfect there, and I made a "hoola hoop tent" - I found a tutorial online. I might just use some bigger piece of fabric, the one I took is a bit short. I´ve improved the tent a bit since I took the photo, more pictures to come for sure. The place needs cleaning and some organisation. We bought a red dresser (love it!), that still needs to be assembled, but there are still a lot of toys that need better storage. I really like the red - black - wood colour scheme that´s going on here. I´d like to continue with that and add some red chairs for the little table (not pictured here). We´ll see. Another thing I need to get done is to deal with the kid clothes and shoes that I keep here as well. One day I´d like to sort everything and maybe get some better storage for the children gear.


  1. Vidím dětský kufřík, jaký sama mám... :-)
    That carpet is lovely. Good luck with the organisation!

  2. Your daughter has a cute haircut! Love the hula hoop tent.