Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I´ve been thinking a lot about coats lately. I hate the cold that comes with winter, but the upside of it are the coats! There are so many possibilities, so many beautiful colours and patterns. (Of course, last winter I bought a black coat - nothing too interesting and original). I´d love to make my own coat, but for one thing I don´t really know how to do it - one needs special interfacing (which I´m not sure is possible to buy in our country), interlining for warmth, lining... There are a lot of things involved. Also, it´s very pricey, and takes a lot of time. It would take me a year probably, with all the other things I do. But it´s the option to choose a colour: pink, blue, mustard, that keeps me thinking about making a coat. When it comes to the shapes, I´ve always loved the classic dufflecoat. It reminds me of English countryside and it´s so casual while great looking. On the other side I´m drawn towards more elegant styles, the coats with classic lapels and belts. But that one would be much more difficult to make :).
Sorry, I don´t know most of the sources of these pictures... n.3 Burdastyle Talea coat, n.6 Burberry Prorsum, n.7 Burdastyle coat, n.8 the Sartorialist


  1. ten první a ten celočerný se mi líbí nejvíc!!

  2. Já si vůbec nemůžu vybrat! Asi nejvíc ten modrej na druhý fotce a pak fakt nevím :)

  3. tá babička! chcela by som vidieť tie šaty čo má pod tým:))