Monday, November 14, 2011

I need some colour

I started making a new cap for myself! I´m quite excited, as the material is lovely, 60% acryl and 40% wool - feels very nice and isn´t too expensive. In this dread winter I suddenly wanted some colour: pink, cobalt blue. Actually I´ve been thinking about sewing a winter coat (I´ve seen some really nicely coloured wool coating fabrics on the net), and I loved the pinks and blues. I´d love a light dusty pink coat and also a dark cobalt blue (I hope it´s what it´s called in English) coat. I can´t decide which colour I´d choose! Blue is more practical, but pink seems so feminine and cute. Anyway: I´m too big now to wear a nicely shaped coat, also I don´t have any time to make it. So, what I do, is dream about the coat I would make if I could :). With a hood, long enough (to the knees), more fitted at the top and looser in the lower area. Something like this coat from Burda style (but with a hood). I have to wear a really funny coat now, because my nice coats don´t fit me anymore, and I hope that this nice vivid pink and orange cap will brighten it up nicely. I hope this time I´m successful, because I had to undo one of the cotton caps I was making (the dark blue and cream cap in an earlier post) - it was too big. Starting again...
Other than this, I´m very happy that I bought almost all of my christmas presents - and I really like what I got so far. A beautiful book for Marie (I may show you some pictures later), as well as handmade doll for her, a special wine drink for my father, really nice shopping bags for my mother and mother in law, so far a shirt and a book for my husband.
And I have some big plans for the near future: finishing some paintings and starting a new one, sewing some cute maternity clothes (probably a skirt - I´m inspired by these patterns), making a doll from fimo (and maybe some other smaller things), making something from felt... this list is never ending :). I just hope to find the energy to make at least something.

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