Thursday, April 14, 2011

and this is why I want to learn to crochet!

Simply because of these two things that I admire so much :). Sandra Juto´s wristworms and Camilla Engman´s softies. I thought about buying these from Sandra, but she stopped making the styles I liked most... And the little animals Camilla Engman makes... oh my! I love them badly. I know I can´t make anything as pretty as this, and I know it takes a lot of time to be able to do something similar. But I want to try! So far, I´ve made two poor rectangles and something that looks like a little cap :). Also, does anyone know how is the face (and maybe the rest of the body too, minus the head) in the photo made? The stitches look so tiny! It´s maybe because she used small hook and thin yarn...? (Excuse the lack of proper crochet terms, please :).
I have an exhibition planned for autumn (maybe two of them...), so my biggest task now is to paint, paint, paint. It takes quite a lot of time, so there is not much sewing ahead of me. I wanted to finish my black dress before we leave for Italy, but I wasn´t able to accomplish that. So that´s the only thing I want to get done soon.

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