Thursday, April 14, 2011

an award for me!

I´ve been awarded by the great lizajane at the Stylish blogger award. I´m pretty happy about that! I´ll be away for a week, so I thought it would be good to find the time and write something "fun" about myself now! So, instead of cooking, here goes...

1. In 2008, when pregnant with my first child, I´ve been diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia, which was a horrible, life threatening experience. It caused me problems with my health that continue to this time and I´m also having hard time planning my second baby (and deciding if it´s a good idea to have a second baby...).

2. My husband works as a preacher, and we basically have a church in our garden! It looks great and you can run around it, too... (I run around our church frequently, while my daughter plays in the sand :).

3. I´m a terrible wife and mother: I´m very untidy person. Our place is such a mess, all the time. At other places I visit, I often wonder: how do they do that? What am I doing wrong? :)

4. I´m really bad at sports. I suffered a lot during school years, because I was the one who was always the last one at everything, the slowest and butter-fingered person and the one nobody wanted in their team :).

5. I can look in the distance with my right eye and read with the second one! Hahaha, amblyopia can be handy sometimes!

6. Since I was little, I´ve loved painting. Especially portraits and houses/architecture. I love this much more than sewing (sorry, machine!).

7. I love going to cemeteries, they just seem tranquil and romantic to me. I like to walk in big cemeteries, they are always so calm. I like to read about all the people and look at their photos. Unfortunately, my husband hates this. Cemeteries remind him of death too much... And he just wants to go on with his crazy life, you know? :) Once we got locked in a large cemetery in Prague with two swedish turists, because we were there past the opening hours. The turists were really scared, but of course, after some time we found someone from the staff to let us go :).

I should maybe nominate someone too? I can find only one: Laurwyn from Quirky pretty cute. I really enjoy her blog and her attitude! She´s also very fun to read.


  1. I can relate to 3, 4 and 7!
    I also was the one that was left last at sports - always. Although I got a bit better at sports later on (basketball helped a lot, even though I was bad at basketball as well), still nobody wanted me. It's something that gets stuck at you, I guess... Oh, except when we played floorball at Grammar school, I was one of the few willing to be in the goal. :-)
    And cemeteries are great. Especially old, abandoned ones - Jewish cemeteries! Or the mostly abandoned cemetery in Kšely. I'm actually reminded of life in cemeteries...

  2. Great point, Hana. We´re reminded of life, because we can see how short it is...

  3. I like cemeteries, too. And don't feel bad about having a messy house. I'm terrible at cleaning up,too. I'd rather sew ;)