Thursday, April 7, 2011

Esther Pearl Watson

I just love Esther Pearl Watson´s paintings. They are a bit naive and childlike, which I love in art, because it makes such a strong impression. But one can see that they are very well made. There is a lot of mystery - these paintings tell us stories, and we can wonder if it´s something that really happened. The scenes are usually quite busy, with people, animals, houses, objects. Oh, the objects! Esther often paints (it seems, from what I´ve read), some kind of flying "saucers", UFOs, that her father used to construct. Weird, isn´t it? Maybe it´s just a mystification? I hope not. Her use of colour is very vivid and bright. There is a LOT of colour and the paintings seem so alive.


  1. A week ago, I was on an exhibition of Kamil Lhoták. Her paintings sort of remind me of him...

  2. Isn't he? I'm a proud owner of several books with his illustrations. :-)