Friday, April 22, 2011

back from trip to Italy

We went to Italy with our two friends for the last week and returned home yesterday night. We had such a great time! At first we went to Pisa, and saw the famous leaning tower, beautiful "Il duomo" and baptistery. There is also a great jewish cemetery. Pisa is lovely, but there are crowds of tourists and ugly tourist stuff. I loved smaller town Lucca (which is near Pisa) much more. There is a roman amphitheathre rebuild into enclosed circus with houses - from the outside, you can still see the ancient foundations and arches. It´s really impressive. There is also a beautiful church, with very detailed front portal. We went to the sea too, although the west coast in this part of Italy is not very suitable for sea-bathing and swimming (at least not in aplril :). And at last we went to Florence - the colored marble cathedral is really huge and breathtaking. I enjoyed looking at the elegant shops as well. I didn´t buy any clothes - but I loved that pink linen dress in the photo above. I kind of regret not bying it :). At least I asked my husband to take a photo with me and the dress... In Florence there is also an interesting bridge "Ponte Vecchio" - there are houses built into the bridge, filled with jewellery shops. I´m very inspired by the architecture and vegetation we saw. I´m looking forward to painting and making things. Also, I want to eat pasta all the time :). The only thing I wasn´t very fond of was the nights - we slept in a tent, and it was pretty cold.
images: 1.Pisa, 2., 3. Florence cathedral, 4. Florence Ponte Vecchio, 5. Lucca Piazza del amfiteatro, 6. Lucca, 7.-9. dresses I liked and a lovely shop in Florence


  1. That cathedral in Florence looks amazing. Now you have to make a pink linen dress :)

  2. Yeah, that´s the only way to get it! :) I´m searching for pink linen already...