Monday, July 25, 2011

finished cap

I finished the crocheted cap for my husband. It´s made of very nice yarns - one is light grayish green cotton and the second one is cream cotton/linen blend. I loved the green, but again, I only bought one skein and when I realized I want more it was too late (or maybe they only had this one piece when I was at the shop, I can´t remember). Unfortunately it´s too hot for the cap now, but I hope he likes it. The photo shows more of the cactus than the cap... of course :).
And I found this photo of my grandma Z during the day of her wedding in 1959. Don´t you love the car behind her? I think cars were so much more beautiful in the past than they are today :). I like that the photo is so casual, no make up or posing. I´ve seen profesional portrait photo of her and my grandpa as newlyweds, and she looked totally different than here. Also, I like her dress, and I like that it looks sor of casual too. I think it´s quite a new thing to get married in a "princess" dress like we are used to these days. Women not so long ago wore pretty ordinary dresses to their wedding, just white (light coloured) and a bit more luxurious. I like that, and I actually wore a very simple and relatively cheap dress to my own wedding too:).


  1. I love the photo of your grandmother! Do you know what make/model of car it is?

  2. It´s Škoda, but I´m not sure if Škoda Octavia or some other type :).