Saturday, July 16, 2011

summer wedding

We went to a wedding of my childhood friend - it took place on a beautiful castle. We had to travel quite a lot to get there, but it was nice: we dropped the kid at my parents´and had a little rendez vous :). I wore my black dress I made recently, and I felt great in it. I made a small adjustment on the gaping neckline (ruched it a bit) and it fits better I think. Exactly the dress I needed. I also wore the pearl necklace I blogged about a while ago, and earrings I got from my friend. I have a new camera! It´s pretty difficult for me to use it, my husband wants me to understand the process of taking photos and it´s just too much information for my brain now :). But I hope I´ll learn everything, slowly.


  1. Wow, which castle is it?
    The dress looks very good with that pink (?) cardigan and the necklace.
    And good luck with your photographing!

  2. Thanks! It´s castle in Častolovice :). Really pretty, plus they have a little "zoo" there and a park.

  3. Častolovice! And I didn't recognize it! *ashamed* That's one of those I have visited most times in my life... near Běleč, and near my aunt. Though I think the zoo must be a new thing, because I didn't know about it.