Thursday, July 14, 2011

living room changes

Embrace and love the imperfection! We made some changes to our living room/bedroom/my office. We wanted to have some kind of wardrobe in there for our clothes (we sleep on the couch, so it´s also our bedroom). To fit the new (old) piece of furniture in there, we had to move almost everything in the room, which was great, because now the couch is at the wall, and everything is finally at right angles again! I´m not showing the before (and before before...) photos, but this is the best we could come up with NOW. I know it looks like some shabby antique shop bookstore, but I don´t care :). Of course, these photos are also taken in the middle of moving, so it´s a mess. I plan to paint the two yellowish walls gray (as are the other two), and hopefully have the two arm chairs upholstered... some time. I love the corner with the yellow wardrobe and black piano. With my old lamp and vintage (oh yes, I probably can´t help to use this word, too :) doll, it looks like the perfect dirty thrift store and kind of granny chic! If granny chic means "I don´t really care what it looks like, I just need to fit all my old furniture into this room". This room has many doors and a window, so it´s hard to put any furniture in there, but that´s ok. I can live with the unpolished look. I love my yellow lamp (from my grandma), our perfect coffee table, our couch with the crazy slip cover I made. I really like this room! (It looks much bigger in the photos than it really is, due to wide angle lenses...)


  1. You have gorgeous floors! Are those individual pieces of wood laid in a herringbone pattern? Kind of looks like maple.

    Sorry for the nerdy floor question. My husband designs products for a hard wood flooring company. We talk floors a lot :)

  2. Thanks, the floors are fab, right? When we decided where to move, I chose this place because of the floors, haha :). It´s herringbone pattern, you´re right. And I always thought it´s an oak, but I don´t know... I think maple isn´t very common here.

  3. Hello! My first visit, will visit you again. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Congratulations for your work. If you wish to follow back that would be great I'm at
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for your comment, Nelson, glad you like my blog :)