Sunday, July 3, 2011

chocolate cake!

Well, I´m usually not a fan of reading recipes on the net or making the food I read about. I like to look at the pictures sometimes, but mostly I turn to my own recipe books or google something I need at the moment. But the reason I´m posting this is because this is the perfect cake I´ve ever eaten. Making it was a big fun too - I felt like some Harry Potter mixing potions :). It was just magical. This cake is full of chocolate. I LOVE chocolate. Maybe, love isn´t the right word, I lurve it, I guess (Woody Allen, anyone? :). But, I have some issues with chocolate. Sometimes I get this feeling that I shouldn´t eat so much of it. That it´s just sugar and fat, and that you simply can´t eat a bar a day. Not too long ago, I tried my best to stop eating chocolate. For four long days, I really didn´t. Than I realized that life is too short for stupid experiments like this :).
To make this, you need to make the batter and the filling. Both are delicious, but the filling - oh my! So good. I could make only the filling without the actual cake and eat a whole bowl with my spoon :). I´ll guide czech readers here, for the rest I´ll try to write the simplified instructions here.

for the batter you´ll need:
260g butter of some kind
260g chocolate (I used cheap "cooking" chocolate)
40ml strong coffee
280g suggar
4 eggs
260g flour
a bit of baking powder and soda (I told you it´s simplified!)
230g sour cream (the kind you put into sauces)

In a bowl on the stove, over a bowl with hot water (I guess this technique has a name in English...) mix the butter with chocolate until combined. Add coffee. In another bowl, whip suggar with eggs. Mix everything together. In another bowl, mix flour with the baking powder and soda. Add the flour to the rest and than the sour cream. Put it in the oven as you are used to when making cakes! (Ha!)

for the filling you´ll need:
90ml cream (the kind you make whipped cream with)
180g butter
200g "powder" suggar
120g chocolate

Again, in a bowl over a bowl etc, heat the butter with cream and add the suggar and stir for a while. Than add the chocolate and mix it until it´s combined. It´s "watery"when hot, but as it cools down it gets thicker. Let it cool down completely (you can put it in the fridge in the end).
When the cake from the oven is baked, let it cool down, than cut it up twice and fill it like you are used to. I used only half of the amount of everything and made a small cake, which was ok. However, I´m dying to make it again, haha :). When you look at the instructions you can see that it´s just a fat and sugar, plus some chocolate, but don´t let it discourage you! It´s really good.


  1. Sour cream? Sauces? That's new to me... hm. I don't know much about cooking yet. :-)

    Sounds great. And in my experience, all tasty sweet baking requires fat and sugar... I made apple strudel on Saturday (three... and all were gone in 24 hours :P), thinking it does not require much fat - ha! - it's to be spread with amounts of melted butter to remain soft during baking. So much for fat-free baking!

  2. You don´t put sour cream into sauces? Tomatoe sauce etc.? I do that all the time :)
    Yeah - and the more the fat, the more I like it :D

  3. Yum, sounds exactly like a good chocolate cake! Fat, sweet and soft. The technique with the water is called au bain marie. Have to try this!

  4. Thanks, Lisa, and you should really try it :).

  5. No - only sauerkraut soup. :-) I haven't made tomato sauce yet...