Thursday, January 13, 2011

diy necklace with a bow

A friend of mine bought beautiful necklace (beads) with gorgeous bow. I like bows, they´re so feminine. Her beads were tied in lace, and with the bow, it looked very romantic. Unfortunatelly, I couldn´t find anything similar in shops... so I decided to make it myself. I bought simple pearl necklace and I got a beige ribbon in haberdashery (is that even a word?) and made this necklace. I sewed the bow in place so that it won´t untie. We are going to a ball tomorrow and I plan to wear this.


  1. oh, this is lovely and sounds so simple to make! great idea! have a wonderful ball tomorrow! :)

  2. And I won't be on the ball, because I have to study for exams (two exams on Monday!) and I would be there alone anway...
    It is pretty. It reminds me of the things Disney from Ruffles and Stuff makes.

  3. Thank you both :). I´m pretty nervous about the ball, I will wear a dress in which I feel a bit awkward...

  4. Yay for creativity and imagination! Love your new necklace - it appears fragile, romantic and sublime!

    P.S. Thank you on the lovely comment you left for me!!