Wednesday, January 26, 2011


We went to a great interactive art exhibition "Play" by Petr Nikl (and co.). It´s an exhibition where anyone can touch anything, play with things, move them, make sounds... it´s made so that you can use all your senses; touch, see, hear etc. I loved it! It was HUGE, there were so many objects and little "playgrounds", where you could sit and play with various materials, you could place things on the walls and write there, there was a huge round mirror, that could be moved around... incredible! So many playful things, so much creative energy in one place. Sadly we didn´t have that much time while I was there with Marie, and she was tired soon. There was one particuarly lovely "object" called "The snow queen"; few small white "hills" that you could lit by turning them (see last picture). I would want to go there again, as it was really too much for one visit (and there were so many people and children... maybe afternoons are less crowded).
And we went to our friend´s art exhibiton´s opening - Michal Novotný aka MICL; this time he painted a set of nature themed paintings - river, cows, fields, flowers... My favourite painting is this one. Peaceful! (The photo turned out somehow yellowy.)


  1. That reminds me of an exhibition in the Museum of Music several years ago... based on the same concept. It was fun! And a bit weird, too.
    And that painting is beautiful. And there seems to be a story behind that image. Kind of a fairy tale.

  2. Few years ago there was also an exhibition "Orgis pictus", also by Petr Nikl... I haven´t seen it, unfortunatelly.
    There is definitelly a story there! All the paintings were based on some real situations, I think :).

  3. I believe that was the one. "Orbis", though. :-)
    It was also crowded.