Wednesday, January 5, 2011

František Skála

Ok, I can´t say how much I love this guy. There´s so much to love about him that it almost can´t be thrue. I would send him an email to say I love him, if it was possible. Apparently, this man doesen´t have an email adress (good for him! this way I can´t spam it! :), nor a website of his own (you can find his work online, but that´s not the same...). Also, if it´s still thrue, he refuses to own a car, a cellphone, and a computer, I guess :). These facts amaze me. How can one live like that these days? However, he´s successful and famous in spite of this strange lifestyle, and even says he couldn´t make the kind of art he makes if he lived differently (the way most people live). In his opinion, if you manage to not "use" all those cars, computers and internets, you will be more creative and sensitive to art and its ways. Years ago, he WALKED to Venice biennale (an international art exhibition), all the way from Czech Republic to Italy. This journey took him many many days; he slept mostly outside and carried just his backpack. During the way, he wrote and illustrated a diary, which he then showed at the exhibition... and they loved it there, of course. I only found one decent picture from this diary, I wish there were more online! It´s not only the art, but a whole way of life, philosophy, everything he does and makes is connected. Besides sculpting, painting, illustrating, F. Skála is also a musician; he sings, playes a guitar, dances, is actor in a theater, and looks great! :) (He also participates in few groups and clubs...) Concerning his sculptures or objects, he mainly creates them from found old things and materials, and also sculpts them from natural materials like sea weed or palm leaves. There are many combinations of unexpected things, times, materials and ideas with nostalgic and playful spirit. But there´s certainly more than that (and it´s not possible for me to write about it in a proper way), this art reminds us that this life (or world) won´t last forever and it´s so fragile. It´s just full of kindness and love for life.

Also, he has two very talented children, František Antonín and Alžběta - I envy them badly :). I wish I could study art, too, and paint, illustrate, create for living. Well, at least I can paint, draw and create, just for myself and my friends...

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  1. thank you! I saw his retrospective some years ago in Prague and have been haunted by his work ever since - I wish I had bought the catalog! Thank you for these images - such a wonderful artist and his beautiful spirit comes through in his work