Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sandra´s new flat

Have you seen Sandra Juto´s new Berlin flat? It´s so amazing! I just love all that dirt, shabby walls and floors, old doors, the colours, and most of all, the whole energy of the place. It´s like it´s waiting eagerly to be cleaned, tidied up, painted, decorated... I enjoy looking at these "before" photos as much as I´m looking forward to seeing how will Sandra and Johan renovate it. Who doesen´t want an old, romantic Berlin flat? I certainly do! :) These pictures are so inspiring to me. Some time ago, I´ve painted our living room walls a nice gray, but only a half of the room (the rest is filled with bookshelves and a piano whis makes it super difficult to move and paint). I have to get it done some time! Also, two of the bookshelves are painted in not so nice dark gray, almost black... I liked it at first, but now I would really like it to be painted in some nicer, brighter colour. And the last thing I want to do, is to have upholstred our two chairs. They look awful because of the fabrics, but otherwise are so nice. It´s a shame we haven´t done that yet. So, these are my plans... I´m not one of those people who like to renovate all the time... or get new things often... but I like to change paints and fabrics, when they feel sad and ugly to me.
It will be a while till I get to this, but wish me luck! :)

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