Sunday, January 9, 2011


I got this beautiful shell from my husband. I call it "snail". I love it :).
I´m on a hunt for a perfect leather bag... I got an old pair of leather throusers from a friend, cut those apart and I´m trying to sew this leather purse/bag from it. But it´s difficult and there is not enough material. Also, a friend bought me a leather jacket (I just told somewhere I want a leather jacket, this man went to Hamburg and bought one second-hand jacket for me there! Incredible :), but so far I don´t want to cut into it (as the first one is still in process). The jacket leather is quite thick too and I don´t know if I´m able to sew it with my sewing machine.
I´ve seen a great bag on etsy recently, but it´s a lot of money... And it would be kind of a failure for me to buy the bag, when my first goal is to make it :/. I´m inspired by rennes bags, too, but I want mine to have an adjustable strap (it´s more practical in winter and thick coats...).
The pictures: rennes bag, bag from etsy I love, reMade USA bag (great bags made from old leather jackets)


  1. Good luck! Make sure you use a thick needle and heavy nylon thread!

  2. I already sewed the leather from the pants, it was quite thin and sewing it was ok (with normal needle and thread)... the jacket is much thicker.