Monday, January 10, 2011

skirt and paintings

I finished my skirt! Hurray! I love it, the fabric is so beautiful. It´s perfect with my red tights. I can´t wait for warmer weather to wear it... It took me a while to make it, because I´ve been doing so many other things. I have to say, I hate zippers, and changing the machine´s feet. More about this skirt in my burdastyle studio :).
I´ve been to two great art exhibitions recently: czech artists Pavel Brázda and Václav Boštík, both pretty famous. I loved both, they were completely different. Vivid, neon colours, figures and relationships by Brázda; lyric, abstract, light geometric paintings by Boštík. They both inspire me so much. Pavel Brázda is still alive, 84years old, and yet he makes so youthful paintings, he´s hardworking, uses computers and digital technique... impressive.
(pictures: first two Boštík, other two Brázda, my skirt :)


  1. I would never have guessed that artist belongs to those paintings.
    Your skirt looks lovely, especially with your red tights!

  2. Thank you! Yeah, it´t pretty amazing he makes paintings like that... He´s older than my grandparents, but so young inside! :)

  3. I think it's rather funny that first, two posts ago, you posted about a relatively young artist, who does not use computers, and now you post about an old artist, who does use computers...
    Your skirt is very pretty. And it does evoke the folk costumes! Especially with the red tights!

  4. Ha, Hana, you´re right! That didn´t occur to me, but it´s thrue!
    I think the skirt looks like the folk costume A LOT. I have never seen anyone wearing this kind of fabric... which is ok :).

  5. One day, you'll see ME wearing that fabric!
    In ten years, or so... :D

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