Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Just a quick hello from me. I have nothing new to show you, but I´m busy working on my leather bag and a new doll. Everything is coming together so slowwwlyyyy, and I´m afraid the results won´t be as I imagined... but I´m trying and enjoying it. Besides that, I make illustrations for two small magazines, once a month per magazine. It´s not much work, but still takes up quite a lot of my limited free time, so it takes me so much time to finish my own projects...


  1. Take your time. :-) Blogging may make one feel that they have to finish everything as soon as possible, but that's nonsense. Just do it your way.

  2. Hi, thanks! I´m glad I have some sewing photos, living proof I´m really sewing :).
    It would probably be better not to talk about works in process in advance... and just show new projects all the time! :) Blogging makes me feel like I have to be super productive... which I´m not... but that´s ok, at least I´m motivated (more) :).