Saturday, May 14, 2011

baby blanket

I saw this brown and earthy blanket on purl bee and I love it. It´s such a classic and calm design. There are so many kitchy baby products out there it´s not nice. And what do you think, I have a lot of them at my own home too :). I´m not a fan of "cute" baby colors (and already think the new cap I´ve made is a little too sweet for my taste...but I´ll keep it), but they always find some way in.
So when I see something as beautiful as this blanket/plaid, I have the urge to throw away some of the ugly (baby) stuff we have here and get some classic beauty instead :). The off-white basket is lovely too... And suddenly I´m thinking about learning to knit! It can´t be so hard to make a rectangle, right? ;)


  1. Making a rectangle isn't hard. Starting and finishing it is the hardest part. :D Speaking of experience here; learning how to start and finish knitting took me longer than knitting itself, and my starts are still somewhat unorthodox, I'm afraid.

    The blanket is beautiful - well, not just the blanket but the whole thing.

  2. I guess it´s similar to crocheting... I´m not sure how to finish when crocheting, too. I learned to knit a bit last summer, but I´m afraid I´ve forgotten everything already. I also really like the ribbed pattern, do you think that´s hard to make? I don´t really understand the English instructions on the purl bee site.

  3. Check out the Lion Brand site Jana- there are fabulous tutorials (knitting and crochet) and there are tons of free patterns (and some to buy of course)!
    I must say that I am into vibrant and lively colors :)

  4. I like bright colors too, but sometimes the pink is just too much with a small girl :). I´m already thinking about making blue cap for Marie :).
    Thanks for the tip, I´m going to check it out, as well as some old craft magazines my mother in law gave me.