Monday, May 23, 2011

red pants

I finished red pants for Marie, and I´m very happy with them. I used the same pattern as these clown pants I made earlier, but made several changes: I put the elastic only in the back in two rows, which is more comfortable and looks great too. I made two small pleats in the front and sewed on two nice buttons, because I like the look of two buttons on pants on other RTW pair we have. They are long enought, because I had a lot of fabric... that is actually a funny story. Some time ago, I asked my husband if he wanted rock´n roll red pants from me. He said "Yes, of course I want red pants, that would be great, please make them for me!". Then I bought 2meters of (cheap cotton) red fabric to make the pants, and he said "Oh no, I don´t want these pants, I hate red pants." So there you have it :). Anyway, the fabric was great for easy summer pants for my girl - the inspiration is the same:
Mick Jagger in his tight red pants! :)


  1. How adorable! I have a favorite pair of red pants myself.

  2. Wow! They are gorgeous! Like the buttons you used - they make such a lovely contrast!

  3. Thank you both! The pants are great and very useful so far :)