Tuesday, May 10, 2011


The top of my white cabinet (a place where I store everything; my whole life is in there! :) is all green now. My blue - green linen is waiting to be sewn into something and I made a progress on one of the paintings I am working on. It´s acrylic on canvas, a technique I´ve never tried before, and I love it. The colours react differently than tempera colors, but I like the look. They also dry very quicky, which is ok on the canvas, but not so fine on the pallette... I know it´s possible to buy some liquid that can delay the process, so maybe I´ll give it a try.
And look, I crocheted! It´s a small ring so far, but I would really really like to make a cap from it. Do you think there is some hope? :)
I´ve been pretty productive lately, and it´s all because of the beautiful sunny weather.

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