Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Three sisters (finally!)

I´m so glad I´m finished with my Three sisters dolls, inspired by A. P. Chekhov´s play Three sisters. They are: Olga, Masha and Irina. I didn´t know much about the play when I started making them, but then I became more interested and decided to read the play - so I´m reading it right now :). Maybe to listen to it would be better...? Anyway, I really like to be inspired by literature or films to create my dolls... I have already few ideas for other ones. I like how these three turned out, and I tried to be a little bit more precise: the skirts have french seams and the tops are carefully handsewn in place.
I´m also very inspired to sew clothes for Marie. I´m making red pants for her now, and I have several other pieces planned. I´m looking forward to sewing these small clothes: they can be made with small amount of fabric, are finished quickly and I´m not afraid to ruin it or to make a bad desicion like with my own clothes :).


  1. They are beautiful! I read that play in high school, but I couldn't tell you anything about it. I'll have to look it up again. Making clothes for little ones is fun-- there's not as much pressure as making adult sized things.

  2. Thank you! And exactly, concerning the kid clothes - it´s easy and rewarding.

  3. They are gorgeous!! Love everything about them!
    As per Chekhov - I had to write an essay on the Sisters! Quite loved his and Dostoevsky's work in the past ...

  4. Thank you so much, Maya :). These dolls are a bit smaller than my previous ones, but I like their size.
    Dostoevsky is on my to-read list, too! I read some short stories from Chekhov in the past, but nothing from Dostoevsky...