Monday, May 2, 2011


Remember the last photo from my Italy vacation? There was the beautiful baby pram. I loved it so much, I began to search for a similar baby carriage on the internet. Similar foreign historic ones are probably very very pricey, even to rent them is pretty expensive as I´ve found out... But czech ones from the 70s are looking already pretty historic too! :) And are super afordable. But then I realized: 1. I don´t have a baby 2. I wouldn´t be able to put this old fashioned pram in the car :). So, I haven´t puchased anything (yet). But one can dream, right? Or maybe I could buy a small version for my little girl. Look at these (more expensive ones and prams from museums) beauties! Much better than the modern ones, right? :)
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  1. Yes, much more beautiful!
    We had a (rather big) doll pram that looked a little bit like these. Case of 70's Czechoslovak pram looking old, I guess. :-) It was blue and (off)white and I suspect that's where my love for blue and white stems.

    Když jsem byla hodně malá, sestry a jejich kamarádky se mě zeptaly, čím chci být, až budu velká. Já řekla kočárem. Od té doby už mi došlo, co jsem to plácla za blbost, ale malý kousek mě ještě pořád tím kočárem chce být. :-)

  2. I had a dark brown one... I´m afraid doll prams these days are usually pretty ugly, too.