Monday, May 23, 2011

textile art

I took these photos last friday when we were in Prague. There´s a great shop owned by Kateřina Soukupová, Textile art - they sell fabrics, crocheted and fabric toys, plaids (blankets), clothes and many other textile goods. I love this shop! So far, I bought some fabric and colourful hand knitted socks there, but many other things are certainly tempting. I love the woolen blankets - they look so well made and of great quality. The shop´s windows are always so nice to look at: I took the photos mostly because of the fabric creatures/aliens and embryos they had on display (two on the first picture on the left side of the photo, and two on far right on the second picture). I don´t know who makes them (there are several people who sell their creations there), but I always recognize the style when I pass by.
A close up of one of the woolen blankets - they have many beautiful colours.

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