Thursday, June 30, 2011

about moving

With my husband, we moved a LOT while studying. At least 10 times in four or five years. It was mostly moving around Prague, from one end of the city to another. For me, this was very stressful: it was hard to find an affordable place, and the moving itself was pretty difficult too. We dragged along all the crazy stuff we had: flowers, heaps of books, clothes, sleeping bags, computers (and a printer, scanner...). It was insane to see how much possesions we had, and that we had to move from one place to another. At first we didn´t have any furniture, so it was a bit easier, as we could carry our belongings in our bags. Traveling with heavy bags on our shoulders, emptying them and then going again. I always thought about divorce, because 90% of the stuff was my husband´s :). But no such luck for me, and there we were, moving and moving again. Sometimes we stayed half a year, sometimes two months. Our longest stay was one year, before we moved where we live now. We lived in strange places: one time we stayed for the holidays in a house that belonged to organisation caring about youngsters. We stayed in one room, the rest was also used by punk bands to do their rehearsals. Once we found a stranger in the shower, which was covered in mud, or we came home to find a running tap while no one was around, sometimes our food was missing... We lived in a tiny room in student dermitory where we shared three toilets and a shower with many many students living on the same floor. There was a hole in the bathroom´s wall, and one night, I sneaked in there with my tempera colors and painted a picture of two divers exploring the hole :). I have so many experiences living in all those places, and I could talk about our "adventures" for hours. There were certainly good and bad times, but the memories are mostly nice. It was nice to live in different places and to explore the neighborhood during long walks. There was always some park nearby and interesting things to see. But I was terribly longing for a real home. To have a kitchen or bathroom only for ourselves is still a huge luxury for me :).
I painted this blue house with windows to our Prague homes. It feels very nostalgic to me, I loved to live in Prague. I plan to make another painting with our previous homes, with the rooms maybe more detailed (we usually only had one room where we slept and worked). I think it´s nice to remember and somehow organise my memories.


  1. I love your blue house. It is so great. The first year I was married, my husband was a touring musician. Your description of punk bands and strangers remind me of being on the road. I hope you get your dream house soon.

  2. Wow, that's quite a lot! It's nice that you're able to take the good memories, and turn it into a painting... I like the painting. Oh, and I took photos of that house for you. :-) They'll be up on my blog later this day or tomorrow.

  3. @thanks, Lynette. We have a home already (and have been living here for 5years), but we are going to move again... We only rent now, and are going to move when my husband finishes his work here (in five or 7years... let´s see).
    @thanks Hana, and thanks for the photo! I may paint the house again, after all :).

  4. I love your text! We have our own kitchen for about 4 years now and it's still luxury for me - the feeling when I'm putting dishes in the cupboard and I know they'll still be there tomorrow :-)

  5. Amelli, I know what you mean :). There were times when we had only two plates, two cups and one glass... It´s great to "settle" :).