Friday, June 24, 2011

another cap for Marie

I finished my second crocheted cap. Unfortunatelly, I ran out of the yarn I worked with, and couldn´t find the exact colour anywhere (it´s generally quite bad with the color selection in shops here...). I finished the cap with another shade of dark blue. I´m quite pleased with the cap, but I´m still not sure how to make some things. There is i.e. visible line on the side of the cap where I finished each row... I think the cap should be smooth all over when done right. Also, I don´t know how to finish the whole thing off properly. I tie it somehow, but don´t think I do it the right way. Anyway, I like it, and I like the flower (although I think I didn´t follow the instructions very well :).


  1. I think the unhappy colour selection turned into a very nice design. It wouldn't look so well without the "rim".

  2. Oh, thanks, you´re so kind :)

  3. I looks great, and she looks happy in it which is the most important part.