Sunday, June 12, 2011

black dress

I finished making this black dress - it took me quite a lot of time to make it. More time than I would like, actually. I guess it´s not a good thing that I want everything to be completed as soon as possible... most things need a lot of time to be finished. It´s similar with painting: I have to learn to make things slowly, be patient, pay attention to details. Sometimes I wonder if there is some point in the things I do and make. Am I doing it right? What´s the use of it all? What if I´m wasting my time on something? With sewing it´s a bit easier, of course, because I like that it´s practical and the result is useful usually. Mostly you also save money when sewing. But, isn´t sewing these dresses such a vain? After all, I don´t have many occasions to wear them... With painting and many other things I do, I´m sometimes quite unsure whether it´s good for something. I hope it is, at least for myself and my friends who like to look at the paintings.
So, here´s my new dress. The fabric is lovely cotton and linen blend. I made this dress while watching the fabulous Love and death by Woody Allen - his funniest film I think. I could quote it all day long. I love everything about this film. "I never want to marry. I just want to divorce." Hahaha! Great film, highly recommended :).


  1. It's lovely and you look fantastic in it!

  2. Thank you! There is a kind of a gap in the front of the neckline... I wonder why is that, maybe I´m smaller in shoulders than the Burda´s 38? But it wasn´t visible until I sewed on the interfacing and completed the dress.

  3. It's very nice ! Does it come from a Burda model ? I'd really like to sew a dress like this...