Monday, June 13, 2011

to stress or not to stress

That is the question! Since my child was born, I´ve found myself in a strange kind of stress - a nice stress, I would say. Millions of ideas and plans were pouring into my head. It was pretty crazy. Long long time ago there were times when I e. g. didn´t know what to paint. Could you believe that? I was just sitting there and thinking, what the heck should I be painting? Not anymore. I could be working on ten paintings at a time with no problem (and almost I am, in fact :). Of course, when Marie was born, I was not feeling very well, both physically and psychically, plus I was writing my thesis and had the state exams ahead of me... Now that´s all of that gone, I enjoy doing what I want, but often I feel like my head will explode from all the things I would like to do. And sometimes it results in myself sitting, staring in the wall doing nothing, and feeling badly about wasting my time. I wasted so much time in my life already that I don´t want to anymore. But I´m a naturally lazy person, so I guess I can´t be as productive as I would like to be :). I´m sad that things take me very long time to finish. But is it really that bad? Does it really matter if I manage to complete one or five or ten paintings in one year? Or how many clothes or other things I can make? Probably not, as everything has it´s own time, and it´s important to enjoy every day without feeling like I have to accomplish something.
Anyway, yesterday I really wanted to make something very quick and instant. I made a leather bug for Marie, and it was completed in about two hours. Very rewarding :).
Also, I saw a beautiful beautiful blue house in Prague today. I should take a photo, but I´m not used to carrying a camera with me... I should change that :).
We´re attending a wedding in July (my childhood best friend is getting married), and I´m thinking about the right gift! She suggested that I could make them something, which is awesome, but I don´t know what could that be yet. (I could give them a painting! Ha! :)
Have you seen any good films lately? We´ve been to the cinema to see Melancholia (new film by Lars von Trier) and I really liked it. I was amazed by the intro, so artistic.
That´s all from me for now :).

update: I found a picture of the house online! here it is:
(a house in Nekázanka, Prague)


  1. Blue house! When I'm in Prague next week, I should go there and take a photo for you. :-)
    And that creative stress thing sounds familiar... I kind of oscilate between that and awful laziness and emptiness (?) - I guess it's called artistic block. :-) So, yes, I guess I know what you're talking about! The best times are when I have neither, and can simply sit down and make something I've been meaning to make.
    I like the bug a lot. I hope Marie does, too.

  2. Hehe, thanks :). I´m already trying to draw the house, I really like it :).

  3. Jana, I love the bug you made! It is really exceptional!
    Don't stress out so much. Sometimes I too have more than 2-3 projects started ... cannot fight the creative whim :)
    A painting would be a lovely gift!

  4. Your post really resonates with me...I have the same struggle to fight my intrinsic laziness with the plethora of ideas zipping around in my head. It can be debilitating at times. But to stress...nah! It's not worth your time. But that adorable little bug is :) Oooh, and I can't wait to check out von Trier's latest film!

  5. Thanks everyone :). I´m trying to slow down a bit... And while there are things I need to get done I think it´s ok to be lazy sometimes, and for an evening here and there just read the blogs or watch a movie :).

  6. I came across your blog via Burdastyle. I am a painter as well and a few years ago became obsessed with sewing. I am currently trying to figure out what is my next direction as an artist. Do I combine my sewing with my painting or allow them to live separately. I have started taking photos also as inspiration. I tend to make better work from my own photos. There is something about taking the photo that makes it feel like it is part of something bigger.