Saturday, June 18, 2011

new old doll!

Look what I got! A friend gave me three old porcelain dolls and this is one of them. I love it so much, I have never owned anything so special, interesting, old (or at least old-looking, I don´t know how old it really is), romantic, cute and creepy! :) The other two are not so special, they are nice too, but they are more ordinary looking, I may take a photo of the them some day. One of the dolls is broken; I would like to repair it, but I don´t know how yet (I have to replace a leg). But this one is so gorgeous, under the dress there is some kind of blouse I think, but I haven´t examined it properly yet. Her hair is a mess, someone tried to dye it and it´s ruined and falling apart. It´s darkish green now and looking awful, let´s see if I can do something about it. I suspect the doll is really quite old, as it´s made much better than the newer ones - the body construction and all.

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