Friday, June 3, 2011

summer dress for Marie

I know I´m changing my plans all the time. I´ve said I want to make a faux Crepe dress, than I said something about my black summer dress, and also that I don´t have any time for sewing, because I have to paint... And then I start sewing something completely different :). My daughter has a pretty big collection of shabby sweatpants, but almost nothing nice and cute. So I decided to make her some clothes for the spring/summer 2011 :). I love the fabric for this dress. The pattern is from Burda 3/2009, which I lenghtened into a dress. The smocking was a bit of a nightmare (despite Burda´s promises how easy it is :), but I think next time I will be more confident. I love the way it turned out, so I think all the work paid off. I´m making her a hat too, but despite the label "very easy pattern", it´s giving me a hard time sewing it :).
I´m also crocheting a second cap, and I´m curious about the outcome.
There are so many plans, ideas, and projects that are on my mind and on my hands.


  1. Marie seems to enjoy posing for photos now. :-) The dress is very cute on her!

  2. Hihi, yes, it´s funny how she smiles :). Thank you!