Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Erika Bornová in Benešov

As soon as I found out there is an exhibiton by Erika Bornová in our town, I was desperate to see it. I went to the exhibiton today with my daughter, and I loved it. I was just a bit sorry that there were only a few objects - I wish there was more to look at. Erika Bornová makes typical polystyren figural oversized statues, it´s something pretty unusual and refreshing. I liked the smaller one on the green background the most, unfortunatelly there was only this one from her collection. My second most favourite are those four heads - busts.


  1. Nice! I like that dog... so smooth, and doggy. I wonder - how big those statues are? Where does she get such big blocks of polystyren?

  2. They are pretty big - more than "life-sized" :). The coloured one with the hair is smaller (about 70cm, I guess). I really don´t know how she makes it, though...